ACM is a collection in the making, of cold war artifacts, history and stories.
The most unique part of our EXPERIENCE is that you, the member, get to “Live the History” by touching, flying and interacting with vintage ColdWar aircraft  

 FLYING OPERATIONS TAKE PLACE IN Central and Eastern Ontario


The ACER COLD WAR MUSEUM "ACM" is a unique, non profit organization  formed in 2015.  Flying operations take place at airshows, and flying events throughout Eastern and Central Canada, and the Northern United States. Membership flying days take place in Staynor Ontario (North of Barrie, at the Edenvale Airport) and in the Ottawa area. 

We are currently the only aviation museum in Eastern Canada dedicated solely to the restoration and flying of Communist jet aircraft and other Cold War jets.

In addition to our membership days, we  offer flights from at airshows and displays we may be attending.

We hope you can join us at an upcoming event, museum meeting or enjoy a flight! Our team is passionate and motivated to help bring these aircraft to life and to an air show near you!

Our collection is always growing, and we welcome your particpation.

An ACM personalized flight will give you or someone special,  a high-altitude, fast paced experience. Choose from a exciting range of flight profiles, from a straight flight to some aerobatics, all the way to a formation aerobatic flight. We tailor the flight for you.


The ACER Cold War Museum (ACM) will acquire, preserve, maintain, display and fly jet aircraft of the Communist forces and other aircraft from the Cold War era. We will also, where appropriate display and operated ground units from the Cold War era.

ACM’s volunteer membership will provide the expertise in all areas of administration, training and “hands on” maintenance and flying operations.

ACM will strive to maintain two or more of each type as flying aircraft with a flight of four reflecting authentic Communist Airforce Markings.

ACM will be housed in a hanger/museum building at airport facility’s that will accommodate housing, maintenance and viewing for all aircraft and artifacts.

Does this sound interesting to you?

GEt On the Path To a Flight

By joining ACM you will become part of a Cold War Jet community.  Join our air show display team and help us bring the history of the collection to life.  Join our maintenance team, be involved in maintaining our jets.  Join the safety crew and be an integral part of our Safety Management team.  Ground Ops? How cool would it be if you were responsible for crew briefs and member strap in's! 
Finally, be a sponsor pilot and fly with us

ACM Ground School

Instruction and active learning in a setting that will deepen that "WOW" experience. During our ground schools we are hands on.  Learning all the systems over a Saturday, lunch included.  A very full day. Afterwards, lots of time to take pictures and video. Ground school demonstrations, learning from instructors, sitting in the cockpit of a cold war jet and manipulating the controls.

Ground School classes start in the Fall, stay tuned for more news about our End of November 2016 groundschool