Membership with the ACM comes with a host of benefits. In addition to a discounted Ground School cost and invitations to ACM events, you have the ability to customize your flight package. From heart-pounding speed to in-flight acrobatics to a synchronized formation flight, we will tailor the experience for you. Would you like to fly for us? Lots of opportunity to be a sponsorship pilot!

Prefer to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground? You can still participate in the exciting world of aviation. Opportunities abound in our ground crew and maintenance teams, or as one of our representatives at airshows.
Do you have multimedia experience? We welcome your talents in our public relations department, producing promotional materials and maintaining our social media presence. And if you have knowledge and passion for teaching, our Ground School is the place for you to get the next generation excited about the thrills of supersonic aviation.

Contact our office at (888-594-2237) or by email at

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Flying Membership
from 1,149.00

Upgrade your regular membership to a flying membership and have the flight of a lifetime.  

DON'T Forget a video of your bucket list event.  We have 2 different video perspectives, Wing, and a your interior cockpit, with audio.  We give you roughly 16gb of raw video data via a downloadable link.

Video Package:
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Formation Flying
from 1,148.00

Formation flying?  Snowbird Stuff?  Let our pilots lead you in the ultimate bucket list challenge.  Wingtips are 3 feet away, then we transition to an intrail manuever about 200 feet behind the other.  Someone yells go!  Snoopy and the Red Baron stuff.... in a jet fighter.  Too much fun!

DON'T Forget a video of your bucket list event.   We have 2 different video perspectives, Wing, and a real cool interior video. We'll provide you with roughly 16gb of video available by downloadable link.  

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