The ACM (ACER Cold War Museum) is a non-profit corporation founded to promote, collect, document, and operate various types of aircraft and vehicles originating in both current and former Communist Bloc nations.  Currently we operate the ACM Warbirds of Canada Collection.
The ACM mission is to combine the creation and operation of museum aircraft, vehicles, historical artifacts, records, and memorabilia, while simultaneously keeping representative historic aircraft in the air whenever and wherever major aviation events are held across North America.
Governance is provided by a Board of Directors and officers.

Our Mission

ACM Warbirds of Canada will acquire, preserve, maintain, display and fly jet aircraft of the Communist forces and other aircraft from the Cold War era. We will also, where appropriate display and operate ground units from the Cold War era at airshows and displays around North America. ACM's volunteer membership will provide the expertise in all areas of administration, training and "hands on" maintenance and flying operations. ACM will strive to maintain two or more of teach type as flying aircraft with a flight of four reflecting authentic Communist Airforce Markings.


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